Working Groups


A working group has been established for each of the topics “vocational training”, “barrier-free university course”, “profession – first job market”.

WG “Vocational Training”        |        WG “Barrier-Free University Course”        |        WG “First Job Market”


Sub Projects


  • Further Development of Tandem

  • Implementation and Proliferation of the Tandem Model

  • Multimedia Attainment of Multipliers at the „Bundesakademie für öffentliche Verwaltung“ [Federal Academy of Public Administration]

  • Vocational Training Collaboration between Merck KGaA and the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut

  • Integration of Disabled Scientists into Small and Medium-Sized Companies

  • Joint Training Schemes: VAMED Management und Service GmbH Deutschland and Robert-Koch-Institut

  • Advice to disabled people interested in a university degree and disabled under-graduates - DoBuS

  • Educational Chances for Disabled School-Leavers

  • Legal Expertise on the Legal Basis and Regulations governing the Participation of Disabled Employees in Research Projects

  • Integration in Research Projects

  • Mobility




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